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Here comes the Sun(dress)

Here comes the Sun(dress)

Danny Hamen

Springtime is the season for transformation—especially if you live Ohio. Even the Columbus skyline is elated that winter is over—the way vibrant sunshine reflects off the towering skyscrapers sends smirks of joy to the drifting ants lingering beneath. Springtime is kicking out that sweatpants-wearing hermit who has been holding you hostage for the past four months. The sun is here. We finally made it, and our springtime wardrobe should be reflective of celebration. Think of yourself as a lazy, Netflix-watching caterpillar transforming into a brilliantly colored butterfly. Spread your springtime wings. Be bold. Wearing loud and vibrant colors is a giving a big middle finger man winter. You are beautiful.Sing out the triumphant song of spring. Your closet will thank you.

Model – DaRissa Moore

Styling – Erin Maloney – @erin.stylestatement

Photography – Kyle Meeks –

Wardrobe – Macy’s (store bought)


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