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Kroger takes Giant Eagle to court

Kroger takes Giant Eagle to court

614now Staff

That iconically teal Macy’s at Kingsdale has seen better days. And after closing earlier this year, it was uncertain what would happen to it. But then! Kroger announced that they were in final talks to purchase the space. Except there was something a little *interesting* about the whole deal – mainly that Giant Eagle was also building a new store right across the parking lot. And now things are getting even more complicated.

Kroger filed a lawsuit against Giant Eagle Inc. and one of the Pittsburgh-based company’s subsidiaries, as well as Echo Kingsdale LLC (owner of the UA development). Giant Eagle and the owners are claiming that Kroger can’t build its store because of a deed restriction, whereas Kroger says they can because the deed expired 20 years ago.

Note: Business First has an in-depth explanation of the suit, which ties into some long-standing property turnover from when the space used to be a Big Bear. And nothing makes me feel like a long-standing Ohioan than the phrase: you remember, where Big Bear was…

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