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Meet Buddie…the mascot for marijuana legalization

Meet Buddie…the mascot for marijuana legalization

614now Staff

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 4.51.20 PMResponsibleOhio is ramping up their campaign in support of State Issue 3, a proposed constitutional amendment to legalize marijuana for medicinal and personal use.

As part of that campaign, the group is going on a huge bus tour of college campuses. Along the way, they plan to talk to students about their proposal and introduce them to Buddie, their newly unveiled mascot. Buddie is a tall marijuana bud suited up as a superhero. He has the muscles, the chest, the abs, the boots and yes, probably the munchies.

ResponsibleOhio is traveling the state in a bus called the Green Express. For those concerned, they say ‘don’t worry,’ Buddie is only meeting with adults age 21 and up.  (jj)



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