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Court date set for OSU band director

Court date set for OSU band director


On March 5, a federal judge will hear OSU’s request for former band director Jon Water’s wrongful firing lawsuit to be dismissed. Waters sued for reinstatement last year and accused the university, President Drake, and a provost of discriminating against him (by disciplining him differently than a female employee) and denying him due process. The university says Waters was an at-will employee and could be fired for any reason.

Oh, and that it’s hard to argue gender discrimination when you’re part of the male majority.

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Previously July 24, 2014 

OSU band director Jonathan Waters fired, ‘sexualized’ culture of band

Ohio State has fired band director Jonathan Waters because of a large investigation into sexual harassment and the student members that has apparently lasted for years. The internal investigation has been going on for two months, according to the Dispatch and began because of a parent complaining. The complaint was related to older band members harassing newer band members and Waters was apparently aware of the practice. Some of the examples included in the report was a yearly practice that forced members to practice solely in their underwear and also to perform on command what other members told them to do. This ranged from sexual movements to other acts the Dispatch reported.

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