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‘Presidential candidate’ Ted Williams charged in theft case

‘Presidential candidate’ Ted Williams charged in theft case

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Ted Williams, the former Columbus homeless man who came to national attention due to his impressive speaking voice, has entered a ‘not guilty’ plea to a charge of complicity to theft. The case involves his girlfriend’s attempt to get a refund on a bed comforter at an area Walmart….a comforter that she had apparently never purchased. Williams, who recently announced his candidacy for President of the United States, says that in his life he no longer has to steal. He is currently free and awaiting his next court appearance.

You just know that this whole thing is going to come up in the presidential debates next fall.  (jj)

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Ted Williams, the former Columbus radio personality, turned homeless addict, turned internet sensation, turned national feel-good story, turned commercial pitchman, turned motivational speaker believes that he may have one more notable turn in him…as President of the United States.

Williams announced on a Marion radio program this week that he plans to run as an independent candidate in 2016. He says that he hasn’t set up a campaign organization just yet and is mum on fundraising plans. But he does have a set of core issues that he says his campaign will focus on: fair housing, veterans’ concerns, jobs and improving schools

Now, I know what you’re saying…

“But, does Ted have the experience?”

“Does Ted have a plan for expanding modern energy resources?”

“Does Ted have the gravitas to stand up to a guy like Putin?”

I supposed when Ted gets up on that debate stage with Hillary and Jeb(!) or whoever the party nominees will be, we’ll find out.  (jj)

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