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No time to mall over this deal

No time to mall over this deal

614now Staff

Eastland Mall is officially off the market. The shopping center, which went up for sale (again) this March, closed a deal on May 1st for $9.7 million with Eastland Mall Holding. Eastland was put up for sale on this spring with a starting bid of $5 million, after a February bid of $18 million was rejected by the owners. No other details have been released about the sale, but hopefully good things will come to the shopping center. At the very least, its tagline seems promising: “[Eastland Mall is] a strategically positioned, single-story enclosed super-regional mall.” (deb)

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Previously Feb. 24, 2015

You better shop around: Eastland Mall for sale (again)

Here’s hoping ‘what’s old is new again’ as Eastland Mall (originally opened in 1968) is for sale again. The shopping center was sold to a lender last summer, and he’s put in back on the market. It’ll be part of a live auction on March 24-26 , put on by the Central Ohio Commercial Information Exchange(with help from

And if you want to bid, know that while the J.C. Penny and Lazarus buildings are part of the deal, Sears and Macy’s won’t be. Oh, and that there’s a minimum $5 million price tag.  (deb)

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