Programs for Hilliard’s Bo Jackson Training Facility Begin January 2nd.

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Across the street from Homestead Park sits Bo Jackson’s newest training facility, Elite Sports. Here, athletes will be able to train all year long, no matter the weather.

This new facility will give our snow ridden athletes the chance to compete on an even playing field against warm-weather athletes.

The 7-acre Cosgray Road tract is part of the 103 acres the city purchased from Hilliard City Schools for $40,000 per acre in 2015 and in turn sold to Bo Jackson’s Elite Sports for $45,000 per acre — or $315,000 — earlier this year, according to Mayor Don Schonhardt.

Athletes at the facility will be trained by professional and collegiate level coaches — parents are (politely) discouraged from offering their own advice. Bo Jackson has also gone on to say that the entire facility and his organization is fully committed to girl’s softball.

“My daughter is 26 years old. And when she was little she did gymnastics, she did track—but she didn’t have a place to go to play softball. And now you see something like this coming to town, we don’t want the public to think this is all smoke and mirrors. It’s easy to say ‘Hey, we put this up to make a buck.’ Its not the case.” He went to say that he wants to building not only to be about sports but life lessons as well.

The facility includes a full-size baseball diamond with major-league dimensions and training areas for lacrosse and soccer. See the floor plan below:image003

Programs for Bo Jackson Training Facility Begin January 2nd.

Soccer leagues, lacrosse leagues, baseball and softball teams, and those looking for private lessons are all welcome to register according to their website:


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