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VR is Coming to Strongwater

VR is Coming to Strongwater

614now Staff


We had an incredible time testing out GSW & Inventiv Health Creative’s Virtual Reality demos before they set up at Strongwater this weekend for Independents Fest.

We were led through the demonstration by Pierre Jean Ferbos, Vice President of Technology — it was our first time using VR and it was a crazy experience. Check out the video, and make sure to mark the event on your calendar. 

One of the coolest things we did, which wasn’t in the video was test out the much-lauded Microsoft HoloLens, a piece of equipment that very few people have actually seen. We put the gear on our heads, which was far more comfortable than the Vive, and stared at a wall while alien bugs began to pop out of it. This was real-time, and an overlay of the room itself. We zapped bugs and we blown away by how real the entire experience felt.

GSW has been doing some pretty awesome things with virtual reality, specifically in the health fields — having built a seizure simulation that allows doctors to understand what it is like to go through a seizure. We didn’t get to test it, but it sounds eye opening.

Visit GSW Creative’s Virtual Creative Studio at the Independents’ Day festival this weekend. Watch as two great artists from our agency demonstrate real-time 3D painting with tilt brush. Then enter the world of VR in our one-of-a-kind gaming experience. Check them out at the Strongwater Food and Spirits, Saturday & Sunday, Noon to 6pm


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