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Weekend Highlight: Killer local rock @ Rumba Café

Weekend Highlight: Killer local rock @ Rumba Café

614now Staff

Not doing anything tonight? Now you are.

If you’ve never experienced the ridiculous level of musical talent Columbus has to offer, tonight’s Voter Registration Show at the Rumba Café is the perfect door for the uninitiated.

For the low, low price of registering to vote at the door (read: free), you can enjoy some of the best musical entertainment Columbus has to offer in an intimate setting.

On the bill are psychedelic masterminds The Worn Flints, blues virtuosos The High Definitions, and funk-jam collective Osage.

After opening up for Alabama Shakes for a sold-out crowd at The LC, The Worn Flints have made quite the name for themselves in the capital city, even enjoying regular airtime on CD102.5 with their lead single “Colorful Waste of Time.”

On the other hand, The High Definitions take blues to a new plateau, incorporating hard rock grooves and surprisingly jazzy chords into a fuzzed-out sonic aesthetic. Keep an eye on frontman Nick Kurth for a chance to see some world-class shredding, and maybe bring a slow-motion camera to catch it all.

Osage takes a different approach, riding out extensive jams on tunes that range from danceable funk to sleazy slow jams, incorporating a strong horns section to fill out their sound.

Even if you’ve never heard of these guys, even if you were going to stay in, even if you only listen to WNCI, this show is absolutely worth your time.


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