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Gin-credible! Middle West Spirit’s New Gin — Vim & Petal

Gin-credible! Middle West Spirit’s New Gin — Vim & Petal

614now Staff

Middle West Spirits is officially making a new stand-alone gin, named Vim & Petal.

“We wanted to showcase our capabilities as a distillery by extending our work into a another category,” said co-founder & General Manager Brady Konya.

Everything about this product was made with extreme care and thought — from the gin still purchased from a state-of-the-art craftsmen at Vendome Copper & Brass Works, to the folks across the street at the Columbus based branding firm Ologie to make the labeling, name, and brand identity.

The custom-made copper pot that produces the gin has an integrated botanical basket that will be used to distill 18 proprietary botanicals into the gin, “part of what makes Vim & Petal so unique is that we distill the botanicals with a soft whiskey base,” said Ryan Lang, co-founder and Head Distiller, “The added character of the soft red winter wheat pairs incredibly well with the botanicals and produces a gin that is remarkably well balanced and uniquely Ohio.”

The bottles will be pre-releasing signed, first-batch bottles at their Short North distillery, November 7th from noon-7 pm. The bottles will retail for an average of $29, and will be made available at select liquor sites throughout Cincinnati, Columbus, and Cleveland the second week of November.


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