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BrewDog nets $1.5M in Two Weeks of Crowdfunding

BrewDog nets $1.5M in Two Weeks of Crowdfunding

614now Staff

BrewDog, international (and local!) brewery, has netted a cool $1.5M in crowdfunding with their Equity for Punks program.

They’ve been building a $30M dollar brewery in Canal Winchester and launched their Equity for Punks program to drum up money, investors and interest in their product.

Ohio #1 in donations, with 38% so far of the total, followed by California and Texas. Look at us! 

“We love all 50 of course, but the welcome we have received since we started construction on our 42 acre site in Columbus has been nothing short of stunning,” Brewdog said on their blog. “To have so many Ohioans become Equity Punks in two weeks is just amazing.”

For more and to invest in BrewDog, check out Equity for Punks.



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