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Yup…That’s a Dead Squirrel With a 55% ABV Beer — Thanks Brewdog!

Yup…That’s a Dead Squirrel With a 55% ABV Beer — Thanks Brewdog!

614now Staff

Yep, you read that right. Since Ohio’s House Bill 37 came into effect Wednesday, Cbus-based Brewdog will begin selling their big beer in taxidermy squirrels, according to a BizJournal article. That is, a bottle of really alcoholic beer, stuffed into a squirrel which you can then pour the beer right out of the dead squirrel’s mouth.

The brew, named The End of History, a one-time record holder for being the strongest beer in the world, according to BizJournals, is a Belgian blond ale and costs a staggering $20,000 dollars to purchase.

$20,000 Dollars…

Why so expensive, you say? Because the purchase also functions as a share of the company, coming with other benefits including a first run bottle of Uncle Duke’s Scotch Whiskey, 10 other Brewdog Brews, the ability to name a fermentation tank, and best of all, a guided tour and brewing session with co-founder Martin Dickie.

This round of End of History will be brewed in Canal Winchester, and the company hopes to be open by the end of this year.

As a beer drinker, I can safely say I’m both intrigued and disgusted by the prospect of this beer. I’m also a bit perplexed as to when something is no longer a beer? If this has 55% ABV, then it’s technically more alcohol than beer, it’s just beer flavored alcohol at that point, right? This just started on Wednesday and I feel we’re already at the upper limits of what is even acceptable. We went from 12% ABV to 55% ABV in a 24 hour period and there’s something very…“Roman Empire” about this that strikes me the wrong way.

To be fair to Brewdog, it’s not like this stuff is going to be sitting on shelves, and we’ve yet to see what kind of products we’ll see at our local grocer in regards to ABV, but if this is trend and where we’re starting, I don’t think I’ll be along for the ride.


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