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Wolf’s Ridge Brewing is Throwing a Big Ol’ Party For Itself

Wolf’s Ridge Brewing is Throwing a Big Ol’ Party For Itself

614now Staff

Happy Birthday Wolf’s Ridge! This brewery restaurant is celebrating its three year anniversary and it’s giving its customers long awaited barrel-aged beer. Oh heck yes.

Jenny Hauck from Wolf’s Ridge said this will be the largest party they’ve ever had, with the purpose of highlighting their three barrel aged bottle releases.

Among the barrel aged beers, some other tasty libations will be released including:

  • Clear Sky Coconut Cream Pie (coconut and vanilla bean cream ale, 22oz)
  • Dire Wolf (imperial stout, 22oz)
  • Dire Wolf Canis Mexicanus Double Espresso (spiced espresso imperial stout, 22oz)
  • Bourbon Barrel Pi (barrel-aged imperial pumpkin ale, 12oz)
  • Bourbon Barrel Coffee Vanilla Dire Wolf (barrel-aged coffee vanilla imperial stout, 22oz bombers)
  • Bourbon Barrel Canis Mexicanus (barrel-aged spiced imperial stout, 22oz)

This party is so ginormous, that they actually had to get temporary permits to serve alcohol outside and to shut down the alley way next to them. “Our tap room space only has a small capacity, and we realized that wasn’t gonna cut it for the party,” said Hauck.

To maneuver the permit process, Wolf’s Ridge got help from Stephanie Warner at the Mid-Ohio Foodbank, and so helpful was she that Wolf’s Ridge will be donating a percentage of their sales from the party to the Mid-Ohio Foodbank.

What a tasty way to contribute.


The party will be held September 17th. Doors open at 10:30 am. Yep, that means morning beer, nom nom nom. 

Keep an eye on Wolf’s Ridge’s Facebook page and social media, they’ll be keeping you updated on the latest for the anniversary party. 

Photos via Wolf’s Ridge Brewing Facebook Page. 


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