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Tips on How Not to Crash at Dublin’s New Roundabout

Tips on How Not to Crash at Dublin’s New Roundabout

614now Staff

According to 10tv, people are losing their minds driving through Dublin’s new roundabout.

On the road through SR-161 and US-33, the new roundabout was installed to reduce congestion — and make it way easier for travel and commuting. It simply wasn’t a fun area to drive through, and a lot of Columbus agreed.

Well, according to the report from 10tv, things are going super hot for the new roundabout because there have been “23 reported crashes at or near the new roundabout in the first month.”

“Did we expect this many crashes? We always expect a period of adjustment with roundabouts. If you look at the total going through the roundabout (however), 99 percent of people coming through are traveling safely,”Paul Hammersmith, an engineer for the City of Dublin told 10tv.

Well luckily, we’ve got a series of tips and tricks for those looking to master the intricacies of the Dublin roundabout. Despite it looking simple — it isn’t just about slowly turning your wheel to meet the curve of the road: amazingly there is more to it than that.

  1. Slow Down!
  2. Look at the signs and make sure you’re in the right lane before entering the roundabout, switching lanes during a roundabout is dangerous and difficult.
  3. Look for people and cyclists, and yield to those wanting to cross.
  4. If you see a yield sign, then yield.  Which means keep your head on a swivel and look to your left to see if there are others around you.
  5. Really want to emphasize that you don’t stop or change lanes once in a roundabout. This is super important, you don’t change lanes while turning and this is one big turn.
  6. Use your signals, if your exit is coming up, click on your blinker and make sure you’ve got ample time to exit without causing an issue — the great thing about roundabouts is that you’ve got as much chances as you need to exit safely.


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