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Racist Hackers Go After Local High School

Racist Hackers Go After Local High School

614now Staff

Bishop Hartley High School’s school calendar was hacked and littered with racial and religious slurs pointed at African Americans and people of Jewish descent, according to Fox28.

The school calendar is provided to the school via a website called, which facilitates school calendars for many schools across the nation. The website was hacked by an unknown person and its subsequent calendars provided to schools were compromised.

Bishop Hartley immediately took down the webpage that hosted the calendar and are just offering a PDF version of their calendar for now.

The company that manages the calendar is out of state, so the school did everything if could by taking down the calendar, but Tina Pierce, Education Chair with the NAACP Columbus chapter, said to Fox28 that there should be more parental notification when school security is put at risk.



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