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Cameron Mitchell’s The Avenue to expand into Dublin

Cameron Mitchell’s The Avenue to expand into Dublin

614now Staff

Only a month after Cameron Mitchell’s new 1920s-themed “steak tavern” concept The Avenue opened on Grandview Ave., the Columbus restauranteur announced plans to open a second location in Dublin’s Bridge Park.

The locations will be similar in size to the first, with 5,187 square feet and 150 seats, according to developer Crawford Hoying Development Partners LLC.

The release comes days after other big changes to Bridge Park were announced, including a 150-room hotel to be completed by the 2017 Memorial Tournament.


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2/1/16: Opening night for new steak tavern The Avenue

Today marks the opening night for The Avenue, Cameron Mitchell’s new restaurant on Grandview Ave.

Calling itself a ‘steak tavern,’ the boisterous red signage, red leather booths and wood on the walls give the restaurant a classy, retro vibe.

Though the menu is on the pricey side ($14 for a burger, $28-$48 for a steak), Mitchell’s restaurants are known to deliver what you pay for, especially when it comes to high-quality beef.

Expect The Avenue to become a staple of the Grandview Ave. strip in months to come.


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