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Cookie Dough Creamery: unabashed decadence

Cookie Dough Creamery: unabashed decadence

614now Staff

Yep, it’s exactly what it sounds like. Worthington’s new Cookie Dough Creamery specializes not only in ice cream, but also in unbaked cookie dough that’s safe to eat.

From about $3.50 for a small cup to $5 for a large cup, patrons can create their own mix of ice cream, cookie dough, and toppings. The store’s website emphasizes that it’s not a “pay-by-weight” establishment–you can just cram as much ice cream and cookie dough into your cup for a flat price.

Plus, the cookie dough doesn’t use eggs and the flour is heat-treated, so it’s totally safe to eat–and to take home in a pint.

Situated right next to pizza joint Pies and Pints at 7227 N High St. in The Shops at Worthington Place, the plaza is quickly becoming a destination for hardcore comfort food.

Though the ice cream parlor opened in the middle of February, Cookie Dough Creamery sold almost $2,500 worth of cookie dough in the opening weekend. And with summer approaching, it’s likely that sales will only go up from here.


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