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Chipotle to use Columbus as test market for chorizo

Chipotle to use Columbus as test market for chorizo

614now Staff

Chipotle is expected to spice up its menu this fall when it will add chorizo to its menu, but not before testing it out in select markets across the country, including Columbus.

Reports say customers can try the pork and chicken sausage in their burritos as early as today, which is seasoned with paprika, cumin and chipotle peppers.

Chipotle’s menu hasn’t changed very much throughout the restaurant’s 23-year history, but according to founder Steve Ells, the new meat has some serious potential.

“While we have never been opposed to changing our menu, we only do so when we think there’s an opportunity to add something that is really unique, but that fits within our overall menu, and where we can find ingredients that meet our high standards,” Ells said.

The restaurant says the ingredients for the new meat are responsibly raised, like its other meats.


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