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Chipotle’s Tasty Made Opens in Lancaster

Chipotle’s Tasty Made Opens in Lancaster

614now Staff


I’ll say it — Tasty Made is a dumb name. It’s dumb for a few reasons. My name problem is that “tasty” isn’t the appropriate description for a burger — an apple is tasty, a cookie is tasty, etc,.

Columbus Native Guy Fieri isn’t going around with his pinky outstretched as he blasts through burgers only to say, “Oh, that was…tasty.”

[comments have noted that Samuel L. Jackson once did call a burger “tasty” in Pulp Fiction, I will recognize this as an outlier and will not withdraw my complaint that this place has a dumb name.]

Anyway, I digress. Chipotle’s first burger joint, Tasty Made is open in Lancaster. That’s about thirty miles southeast of Columbus — they’re on the same schtick as Chipotle — fresh meat without antibiotics or added hormones.

They’ll serve burgers, fries, milkshakes. No frills, just the basics.

“Each order is sent to an advanced queuing system that uses heads-up visual cues so that the team can cook and serve the food very quickly,” said Steve Ells in a press release. “This is in stark contrast to typical fast food burger chains where frozen burger patties are usually cooked ahead of time and held until later, at which time they are assembled.”

This is also a legit “fast-food” experience, complete with a drive-thru window.

Interestingly enough, the whole concept (…concept, it’s a burger place) came from two Ohioans, James Beard Winning chef Nate Appleman and Chipotle Training Director David Chrisman, overseen by Chipotle’s CEO Steve Ells.

The first Tasty Made is located at 732 N. Memorial Drive in Lancaster, OH — so if you’re willing to make the drive, let us know.


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