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Fox in the Snow Announces German Village Location

Fox in the Snow Announces German Village Location

614now Staff

Mega-hit would be an understatement in regards to Fox in the Snow, the always packed bakery in the Italian village. Well, their success is looking to double with the announcement that they’re opening a second location in German Village.

They have, in this writer’s opinion, the best egg sandwich in all of Columbus. The mustard with how they cook that egg, and the bitter greens — it’s unbelievably good. 


Photo by Chris Casella — Look at that drippy, egg-n-bacon beauty.

Their new location sits a block south of Schiller Park, which means picnic brunch in the park will 100% be a thing — and parking is pretty ample in the area.

Not to mention, with their above Facebook post — you could be seeing a Fox in the Snow in your neighborhood sometime soon.

We wrote about Fox in the Snow way back in 2014, and you can read our feature over on (614) Magazine.

“I believe, now more than ever, that Columbus is a really wonderful place for small business,” she explained. “There is a sense of community here that not in other large places. The pride here is incredible. Every third person is wearing an Ohio t-shirt.”


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