Steam by Chef Marcus Meacham Coming to North Market in 2017

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North Market has literally just announced the addition of a brand new merchant to the stalls we frequent to stuff our face, buy our groceries and taste test salsa. That new stall is called Steam and is led by local Chef Marcus Meacham. Steam will be located in the smack dab in the middle of Lan Viet Market and Sarefino’s Pizzeria.

Steam is an original, chef-driven concept first appearing in the Italian Village haunt of many, Little Rock Bar, and offers unique-to-Columbus mantou bun (Chinese steamed buns) sandwiches.

Chef Meacham plans on a mixed menu of classic items and new North Market inspired items showcasing their best in class ingredients. Chef Meacham is hoping this feature generates additional excitement in other Market merchants and how he can showcase their items in a way that patrons may not have previously considered.


(614) Magazine wrote about Chef Meachum’s STEAM back in March for a feature in the magazine.

“…Chef Marcus Meacham’s new micro-concept Steam, so named for the legendary steamed mantou which is the base for each of the six sandwiches on the carefully curated menu. These soft but dense buns are cousins to that other now ubiquitous Chinese steamed bread, bao. Mantou roughly translates to “barbarian’s head” in reference to their flat bottom and round top and tracing their origin all the way back to Zhuge Liang and his fateful river crossing. The name is also a subliminal nod to C.R.E.A.M., one of the Wu-Tang Clan’s most recognizable hits. When asked if this reference was intentional Chef Marcus laughs, saying, ‘I can’t answer that one way or the other. Just know that our checks start at #36.’ A cheeky reference to the Wu’s debut album, which also contains the aforementioned track.” From (614) Magazine’s feature on Chef Marcus Meacham.

“I can’t imagine a better next step for Steam,” says Meacham. “This opportunity will expose Steam to a larger audience and allow for more collaborations among vendors at Columbus’ only remaining true public market.”

Like we said, Steam has been running out of Little Rock Bar in Italian Village since earlier this year and is where this concept got its start. From the beginning Chef Meacham’s concept has gotten rave reviews and yes, we’ve eaten Meachum’s Steam buns many times — it stacks up (literally.) The wasabi potato chips, the pork belly with Kimchi slaw, it is food from the food gods.

For more info on Steam and to try out Meachum’s food before it comes to the North Market — check out their websites:



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