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Watershed Kitchen & Bar Sneak Peek

Watershed Kitchen & Bar Sneak Peek

614now Staff

Last night, the 614now team (all of two of us) was invited to sample some of world-class mixologist Alex Chien’s beautiful cocktails. Alex, while a legit champion bartender — was also spectacularly warm and kind.

He explained the process for the three drinks he made us — each will be prominently featured in their grand opening on January 24th.

As far as my favorite of the ones he made? I can’t decide — the Bone Apple Tea was absurd. It was just a smooth, warm cocktail that really brings forward intense memories of specific places (primarily because it has a literal dash of potpourri on a lemon slice) and his final drink was so personal and beautiful you don’t need to wonder why he has won awards and competitions.

Check out the video and watch as I drink too much in thirteen minutes.

Don’t forget to check out (614) Magazine’s interview with CEO of Watershed Greg Lehman in their January Interview Issue.

“Now that we can serve liquor on site, we can create an experience for people. Before, we could only give people quarter ounce straight pour samples. We couldn’t even use ice. Now, somebody can take the tour and we can serve them a cocktail. It’s a brand experience when you walk in the door, and it gives people a reason to come back. Before, people would do the tour and they wouldn’t come back because it wasn’t a great experience—the restaurant fits into that. They can take the tour, sit down, enjoy a drink, and have a great bite to eat.” – Greg Lehman, (614) Magazine | January 2017


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