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Stow the schooners: Chumley’s to close

Stow the schooners: Chumley’s to close

614now Staff

First Bernie’s, then the House of Music, and now Chumley’s.

The once-popular campus sports bar on High Street near 16th and 17th Avenue¬†known for “Schooner Night” is closing its doors for good on Monday.

No longer will students be able to bring their oversized goblets on Mondays and Thursday for $5 refills all night–no longer will I wistfully wait 40 minutes for appetizers.

Excuse me while I shed a single boozy tear.

Though the business is near the site of Campus Partners’ extensive redevelopment of 15th Ave. and High Street, it’s not known whether the bar’s closure is related.

There’s still time to go and have one last Natty, even though it seems like the end is coming all too schoon.


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