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USA Today: ‘The North Market is a feast for the senses’

USA Today: ‘The North Market is a feast for the senses’

614now Staff

Just when you thought Columbus’ time in the national spotlight was coming to an end, yet another major publication is talking up what the heartland has to offer.

“The North Market is a feast for the senses,” begins the article in USA Today, the massively popular national newspaper.

The article gives a brief overview and history of the market before diving into just why The North Market is one hottest spots in Columbus for a quick bite to eat.

Writer Wendy Pramik speaks with market executive director Rick Harrison Wolfe, who tells her of the importance of curating interesting merchants and of maintaining the balance between local customers and tourists from the convention center.

Read the article for yourself, and peruse the photo gallery! If you frequent The North Market, you’ll probably recognize some (now famous) faces.


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