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Ohio State gifted $1.4 Million… To build a clock tower

Ohio State gifted $1.4 Million… To build a clock tower

614now Staff

Columbus businessman Tom W. Davis has donated a whopping $1.4 million to the Ohio State University to build a 75-foot tall “iconic” clock tower in the university’s revamped north campus district.

The tower will reside between Lane and Woodruff avenues in a public square, and is intended to become a popular meeting spot for students.

“So we’re thinking, ‘Meet me at the tower’ is going to be a common thing,” said Dave Isaacs, a spokesman for Ohio State’s Office of Student Life.

Tacked onto the tower will be a massive 20-by-40 foot video screen that will display messages of interest to students. Isaacs says there aren’t plans to display advertisements as of now.

Construction will begin next summer and is expected to be complete by fall 2017.

Though the clock tower is designed to “anchor” the new north campus town square, it does seem somewhat extravagant, given the cost. I suppose accurate timekeeping on north campus is a major priority for the university.

Just think–what would you do with $1.4 million?


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