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Gahanna Teens Will Likely Predict the Next President

Gahanna Teens Will Likely Predict the Next President

614now Staff

In an effort to teach students about the presidential election and introduce them to the voting process, Gahanna Lincoln High School hosted mock elections, and according to the¬†Columbus Dispatch, they might just guess who wins this year’s election.

A spokeswoman for Channel One News said to the Dispatch that their hosted mock elections at schools have resulted in the students predicting the next president every single time since the program’s start in 1992. That’s a pretty big deal considering the state of the 2016 election. This might be a hint of what we could expect come November.

These kids are better than some of our meteorologists in predicting the future.

Schools across the nation are voting this week, and votes will be tallied up today. It may seem weird to rely on a hormonal teenager who could choose their vote based on which candidate is funnier, but these are the people that will be voting again in four years. Like it or not, their political education matters because their vote matters. And really, aren’t we all just hormonal teenagers deep down?

Wednesday the votes from Gahanna were split between Trump and Clinton, we have yet to see the final national count today.


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