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Teen survives shot to the head, testifies against attacker

Teen survives shot to the head, testifies against attacker

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The 15-year-old sole survivor of a quadruple homicide in South Linden last June told her horrific story in court Wednesday.

She said that when an argument erupted over drugs, Jordyn D. Wade, then 16, and Robert Lee Adams Jr., 27, corralled five people into the basement of the house they were in and shot them all.

The other victims begged for their lives before they were killed, she said.

When the survivor was shot in the head, she told the court she held her breath and pretended to be dead until the murderers left the scene.

Though he didn’t pull the trigger, Wade, now 17, had his gun drawn and is being charged as an adult for charges of murder, aggravated murder and kidnapping.


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5/17/16: Teen indicted in quadruple homicide now on trial

After lengthy pre-trial proceedings, jury selection began Monday for the trial of 17-year-old Jordyn D. Wade, who’s accused of being connected to the killings of four in June 2015.

According to police, Wade and Robert Lee Adams Jr., 27, were in a house located in South Linden on the 1600 block of E. Hudson Street when they corralled five victims into the basement of the house and Adams shot them.

Four of them died from their injuries, while the sole survivor, whose identity remains anonymous, will serve as a key witness in court.

The survivor previously testified that Adams asked Wade “if they were going to do this and Jordyn replied… ‘Yes, to kill them all.'”

Both men are charged with 16 counts of murder, though Wade will not be eligible for the death penalty because he was 16 when the crimes were committed.


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