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Four injured in shocking restaurant machete attack; assailant named

Four injured in shocking restaurant machete attack; assailant named

614now Staff

On Thursday night an average meal at Northeast Side Mediterranean restaurant Nazareth Restaurant & Deli quickly turned into chaos when a man wielding a machete burst through the door and started attacking patrons.

The man has been identified as 30-year-old Mohamed Barry.

Police said “there was no rhyme or reason” to who the man chose as his victims, the first of whom was a woman sitting in a booth.

Patrons quickly called 911, and some threw chairs at the assailant. One man became engaged in a physical confrontation with the attacker, police said.

One employee grabbed a baseball bat from behind the register and stopped the attack before the man ran outside and fled in a white car.

Four people were injured, three of whom had injuries mostly on their arms and hands.

Musician Bill Foley, who was preparing to play when the attack occurred, was injured more seriously and required surgery last night. A GoFundMe page has been put up to offer financial assistance for medical bills.

The man’s car was spotted by an officer five miles away at Easton Town Center, where the man fled his car. Officers fired a taser at the man as he exited the vehicle, which did not stop him.

Two officers were forced to fire on the man when he charged at them wielding the machete.

Restaurant owner Hany Baransi told the Columbus Dispatch that he thinks the restaurant may have been targeted due to the fact that he is native to Israel, and hangs an Israeli flag on the wall.

Federal agents were at the scene and the crime is still under investigation. Expect updates to this breaking story.

UPDATE: Gahanna news reports the attacker was on a terrorist watchlist.




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