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Little Girl to Get 780k After Police Shoot Her

Little Girl to Get 780k After Police Shoot Her

614now Staff

What happens when a Columbus City Police Officer fires his gun at a charging dog, misses and accidentally hits a four-year old’s leg?

4-year-old Ava Ellis of Whitehall found out the hard way when that exact scenario happened to her last year.

According to NBC4i — the little girl had cut herself on some glass and her relative flagged down the officer to help out, but things turned from bad to nightmarish when the Officer fired shots at a 40 lb. bulldog. According to the family, the dog was retreating inside from their porch but the officer fired anyway.

Needless to say, but the shot missed and struck Ava, already wounded from the glass, in the leg where the bullet broke the bone resulting in surgery.

All this led to a lawsuit, which has been settled, only now waiting on the Columbus City Council’s approval. According to NBC4i, this approval is likely.


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