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Second Attack in Schiller Park

Second Attack in Schiller Park

614now Staff

The Columbus Police Department have arrested Michael Cardwell, now charged with robbery, after an incident just before noon on Tuesday at Schiller Park involving a mother and her 10-year-old daughter.

The mother, Amanda Lancaster, has said that Cardwell wore a construction vest and charged her after she got out of her car. He then demanded her cell phone and grabbed her arm. She was able to make a clean escape utilizing some self-defense maneuvers she’d learned. She also attempted to make a scene by screaming.

According to FOX28, she said her daughter ran back to their car during the attack. Once the victim fled, she got his plate numbers and called the police.

Officers arrested Cardwell, who they found out lived very close to the park.

This is the second attack that occurred at Schiller Park in the last month. We last saw a man sexually assault a woman by hugging her tightly and groping her body against her will. The police have yet to make an arrest for that incident.



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