“They didn’t have to die.” Rescue Group Infuriated by Shelter’s Actions

614now Staff

After the Franklin Co. Dog Shelter euthanized 52 [edit: now 60] dogs because of a highly contagious distemper outbreak, some local animal rescue groups are saying it wasn’t necessary.

Peace for Paws Ohio & I Have a Dream rescue groups tried to save thirteen of the dogs that were killed, according to NBC4i.

Apparently, they were told no by the shelter when they arrived on Sept. 9th to rescue two dogs, and a mother with puppies.

“It’s infuriating. You know we had proper vet protocol that we had all setup. We had measures taken to ensure that those dogs were not going to be in contact with other animals,” Julie Robert said to NBC4i.

But the shelter euthanized those dogs, along with dozens more — any dog that showed signs and symptoms of the distemper virus.

The most alarming discovery about this whole process is that “Dog Zero” was put down on August 31st, over a week before the public was alerted on the distemper outbreak.

Misti Martin-Fuller, Executive Director of I Have a Dream Rescue, says her group tried to take care of some of the sick dogs prior to their weekend lockdown but ultimately, they were turned away.

“They didn’t have to die,” Martin-Fuller said to NBC4i. She elaborated though that she doesn’t lay the blame at any of the shelter staff as they’re dealing with loss, much like the rest of us — “The staff who are actually having to hold these dogs, walking them down the aisle, and actually administer the drugs? They’re not at fault,” Martin-Fuller said.




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