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Bexley, Grandview & Upper Arlington Vye for Bike Sharing Program

Bexley, Grandview & Upper Arlington Vye for Bike Sharing Program

614now Staff

Bike sharing. It is awesome. We all agree that it is a testament to a solid city when there are bikes on the ready for pedestrians to use as they please.

Three Columbus suburbs, Bexley, Grandview and Upper Arlington, are looking to get in on the bike sharing action and are seeking a $1.2M grant to bring the popular program to their areas.

“Bexley, Grandview (Heights) and Upper Arlington are very, very close to Downtown and there seems to be a demand there,” Grandview Mayor Ray DeGraw, a cyclist, said according to The Dispatch.

What started with 300 bikes in 30 stations in the downtown area has grown to 426 bikes in 46 stations. If this expansion ends up going through another 232 bikes will be added.

What is most interesting to DeGraw is how this will bring all of Columbus’s communities together.

“We are so close to so many things Downtown,” DeGraw said. “The bike paths are all being connected.”

The bikes are not long-term rentals, and most riders will complete their commute within thirty minutes. The bikes are not tied to any particular station, allowing free pathing to any destination. With the newly launched bike lanes going north on 4th or plummeting south down Summit, the expansion of CoGo Bike Sharing is ideal.

While it may take a year for these new prospects to play out, DeGraw is hopeful that these initiatives will allow Columbus to continue growing.

“The exciting thing,” DeGraw said, “is you’ll continue to see this expand out. The goal would be to work up to Worthington area and continue inside the inner belt.”

For more information on CoGo Bike Sharing, Click Here


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