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Crypto Outbreak: Cases Grow to Over 600

Crypto Outbreak: Cases Grow to Over 600

614now Staff

Columbus’s Crypto outbreak is getting far worse before it gets better. Last week the Health Department reported 511 cases and now that number has risen to 600 and counting.

We’ve been writing about Crypto all of August, and if you’ve been following the disease can cause diarrhea, dehydration and nausea. It’s also outrageously infectious, spread through infected water or contact with someone who’s got it.

CPD again recommends cleaning and disinfecting your bathrooms, table tops, desk, diaper changers, food surfaces and high chairs for a while until this whole thing blows over.

According to NBC4i, they’ve recommended hydrogen peroxide, as it works best for disinfection, but iterated that those cleaning should not mix peroxide and bleach.

So yeah, stay away from pools.



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