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Juvly’s Cosmetic Dermatology Helps Columbusites Look Their Best

Juvly’s Cosmetic Dermatology Helps Columbusites Look Their Best

614now Staff

Columbus’ Juvly location — a place that helps clients look good and feel good, opened up just two years ago. Now they’re revving up for their new second location in Polaris at the end of November.

“Whenever you look good you feel more confident and more accomplished,” said Juvly Columbus business manager, Sam Peck. Cosmetic treatments aren’t usually a layman’s hobby, they can drink your wallet dry and leave you feeling stiffed (no pun intended).

But that’s exactly why Juvly opened up in Ohio’s trendiest city — to offer reliable cosmetic treatments to the people that want and need them, but can’t afford them.

“We’re helping people in multiple facets of their lives. We’re opening doors to make things accessible and affordable,” said Peck. Their popularity is nothing to sneeze at, according to Peck, Juvly is the fastest growing cosmetic practice in the U.S., so not only do you get a great deal for your wallet, you get one of the best deals for your face — win-win.

Cosmetic treatments can be a life saver for those that are experiencing signs of aging and skin damage, and while it’s a personal decision, every journey is different.

“I looked in the mirror one morning and said, ‘you’re starting to look rough,'” said Peck. He was a sun child, predetermined to spend every minute under UV rays wether his skin liked it or not. And at just 22 years old, his skin started showing wrinkles and sun damage.

His advice? Tackle skin damage while you’re young —  in your 20s through 30s, you can still reverse skin damage like acne scars, deep set wrinkles and skin discoloration. Once you hit your 50s, treatments become less effective and less permanent.




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