Ohio Meijers to Embrace Body Positivity

614now Staff

By early 2017, Meijer’s stores across Ohio and the nation will sport a brand-new shopping experience, and will lead the way for similar stores to do the same.

According to a press release, Meijer’s is testing body-inclusive driven marketing in their clothing areas by getting rid of their plus-size department and instead listing all their sizes in the same place.

This is great news for shoppers who struggle with body image. If you’ve ever shopped with your friends, it’s always a bit embarrassing or an inconvenience at the least to have to go to the “plus-size” or “petite” section of the store.

But get this, plus-size clothing is almost always priced higher (for no understandable reason, and if you say, ‘well, it’s more fabric,” then by that logic ladies underwear should cost pennies) than other clothing, so Meijer’s is putting a stop to that nonsense and pricing all their clothing the same.

“Plus-size apparel is often priced higher than missy or women’s sizes,” said Annette Repasch, group vice president of softlines for Meijer. “We believe all our customers deserve to pay the same price for the same trends, regardless of size.”

Combining their sizes and pricing everything the same also frees up some retail space for all the stores, meaning they’ll taking advantage and add more styles and apparel for customers to choose from.

You can expect these changes to be completed in all 230 stores by next year.


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