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OSU’s class of 2020 is the Smartest Ever

OSU’s class of 2020 is the Smartest Ever

614now Staff

Congratulations to all the smarty-pants coming to OSU in the next few weeks, because if you take into account their ACT scores, they’re the smartest in the school’s history.

The average ACT score for the 7,600 freshman student body is 29.2, up from 28.9 last year. This score is out of 36.

Compare this to a decade ago where the average score sat 26.4. As of 2015, the national ACT score is 21, which means that OSU students are scoring a full 8 points above the national average.

OSU’s average SAT score is 1320 on the new 1600 SAT. OSU has no minimum ACT requirement, but with these new averages it’ll be harder and harder to get admitted with a substandard score.

OSU is ranked Moderately Competitive on PrepScholar, with a 56% acceptance rate of applicants.



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