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Student-to-Student: How One Sorority is Helping Louisiana through a Devastating Flood

Student-to-Student: How One Sorority is Helping Louisiana through a Devastating Flood

614now Staff

Louisiana experienced a historically devastating flood over the weekend, with over a foot of rain paralyzing the lives of over 30,000 southeastern Louisiana residents.

Rescue efforts attempted to pull as many residents out of the way, but still four people have been reported dead and over 200 roads have been closed.

Louisiana Gov. John Edwards said late Sunday that pop up shelters across the area were being maintained to provide a safe space for evacuees, including the Baton Rouge River Center, a major events downtown location in the capital city, according to USA Today.

According to AccuWeather, normal rainfall in Baton Rouge averages just under six inches, but in just two days Baton Rouge was hit by over 19 inches of rain. Flooding issues will continue for days though displaced families and residents have been forced to take cover in crowded shelters since Saturday.

Communities, businesses, and philanthropic organizations are currently rushing to provide for the thousands of families affected by the flood, including the the Rho Epsilon chapter of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority.

They pledge at least 500 dollars to individuals and families for aid in whatever financial struggles they might experience as they recover from the flood. Their overall goal of 10 thousand dollars is still underway, with just a little over two thousand raised in the last day.

If you would like to donate to the Zeta Phi Beta Sorority and help the families and citizens of Baton Rouge and other affected, you can find more information and donation opportunities on their GoFund Me campaign page. 

Other volunteering or donation opportunities can be found at Louisiana’s volunteer page or at the Red Cross. 


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