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The Biggest Breakup of 2016 is between OSU & Starbucks Coffee

The Biggest Breakup of 2016 is between OSU & Starbucks Coffee

614now Staff

Ohio State University asked Starbucks to the dance and Starbucks gave a firm ‘no.’ OSU will no longer be serving Starbucks coffee in its campus coffee locations and will instead be replacing them with Hubbard & Cravens. Crimson Cup will still be served on campus as well.

According to director of OSU dining services in an article by The Lantern, Zia Ahmed said that when they sent out their annual ‘RSP’ or request for proposal to select vendors, Starbucks didn’t bid. The criteria that Ahmed and his team base their proposal on the following criteria: taste, price, locality and a sustainability and direct trade, meaning they get their coffee directly from the farmers.

Since Starbucks has its own sustainability policies, and according to the Lantern article, that was one of many criteria they would be evaluated on, so there was no reason for Starbucks not to bid. Yet, like many breakups, there is often no explanation and the two fell out of love as the Lantern reported that Starbucks did not comment.

Starbucks’ shiny new replacement, Hubbard & Cravens will be served through Berry Cafe and university dining services. The three to four month bidding process proved Hubbard  & Cravens the chance to prove themselves a worthy candidate since the company is from the midwest and is owned by two Cincinnati locals.

The 25 year old company’s other partnerships include Ball State University, Indiana University, and Taylor University and the change will not affect the off-campus Starbucks location on 14th Avenue and North High Street.

There’s no word yet on how the students feel about this sudden loss of what is sure to be a favorite, hopefully they can learn to drown their sorrows in a cup of Hubbard & Cravens, as much of a mouthful that is.



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