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The OSU Whispering Wall is Coming Down

The OSU Whispering Wall is Coming Down

614now Staff

The Whispering Wall, where you can whisper creepily to the person sitting on the other side of it, is coming down.


It’s just in the way of the Oval’s entrance, according to Biz Journals.

This plain piece of curved concrete that serves as seating stairs wasn’t even meant to be there in the first place, and was built to cover the roof of the Wexner Center’s underground theatre because the theatre was built too high.

This now landmark blocks the view of the Oval from High Street, and that’s exactly the problem, according to Biz Journals, although how many people are standing on High Street to look at a building is another question altogether.

The Whispering Wall will be torn down as part of a renovation plan for the area around the Wex, which includes bringing the basement theatre and cafe to the ground level.

I guess we’ll have to whisper our amateur love sonnets elsewhere.



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