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Big Changes Coming to Worthington Schools’ Cafeterias

Big Changes Coming to Worthington Schools’ Cafeterias

614now Staff

Worthington School District will no longer be offering Peanut and Peanut Butter products in their elementary schools. So If your kid enjoys a peanut butter & jelly you might want to take some time in the morning to pack a lunch.

This is a good sign for parents that worry everyday whether their kid is going to come into contact with a known or unknown allergen.

Along with the peanut changes, the schools & teachers will no longer use food as a prize or incentive for students in class.

“What this does is take the responsibility out of the day to day management that we’re not giving students things to eat,” Director of Elementary Education Patrick Callaghan said to 10tv.

To make sure kids are still getting a treat or incentive to do well (outside of having a future, but that’s rarely an incentive for kids) the district will ask parents to celebrate birthdays and parties without cupcakes or food, instead to opt for pencils, erasers and stickers.

“Parents who have students with allergies, various food allergies as well as health condition like diabetes and for those students the consumption of food in schools can sometimes be problematic,” Callaghan said.

Worthington students go back to school next Wednesday.


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