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Columbus Weekly Playlist: Session 3, End of August

Columbus Weekly Playlist: Session 3, End of August

614now Staff

Every week we’ll be bringing some great tracks curated in a handy playlist from one of Columbus’s local tastemakers, this month it is Philip Kim. We’re on the lookout for next month’s playlist creator, if you have any recommendations — sound off in the comments!

What does the vibe for this week’s playlist?

Anticipating Fall Mix: Some solid old and new lo-fi-ish jams that make me feel as if I’m wearing a sweater, drinking coffee, and walking down a sidewalk with leaves crunching beneath my feet.


Philip Kim is a long time resident of Columbus, Ohio and a graduate of The Ohio State University. He is the Marketing and Communications Coordinator at the Pizzuti Collection, and bassist for the band Connections. Philip is active in the arts community where he has helped manage events and artistic projects. His interests include: writing, social justice, popular culture, politics, and humans.
You can check out Phil’s band, Connections, and their new critically acclaimed album, Midnight Run, on spotify.


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