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Weekly Columbus Playlist: Session 2 with Philip Kim

Weekly Columbus Playlist: Session 2 with Philip Kim

614now Staff

Every week we’ll be bringing some great tracks curated in a handy playlist from one of Columbus’s local tastemakers, Philip Kim.

I asked Phil some questions this morning, in preparation for his second playlist of the series:

What does this week’s playlist say about you and potentially the listening party?

This week’s playlist reveals my personality that can be both lively and bubbly at times, but also very chill at others. The mix begins with songs that incorporate diverse and eclectic sounds that border on mainstream pop and ends with some more minimal, contemplative songs that feature traditional production qualities.

Are there any upcoming shows or releases that have you pumped?

13942622_10107916611928155_325648815_nI am looking forward to the FemFest activities and concerts happening this weekend (FemFest Market at AOC (Saturday) and FemFest Saturday and Sunday Concerts at AOC). Also two shows at Kerouac coming up: Monday (tonight) Trains Across the Sea (my very good friend Andy Gallagher’s first show in awhile) and the Dolfish Record Release show with the always-incredible Counterfeit Madison (8/19). And I am super pumped for Mary Lynn’s record release show at Carabar on 8/19 as well (w/ Van Dale and Sleep Fleet). Mary Lynn is releasing her record with Anyway Records, the label that my band Connections is on. We are happy to have her!

Philip Kim is a long time resident of Columbus, Ohio and a graduate of The Ohio State University. He is the Marketing and Communications Coordinator at the Pizzuti Collection, and bassist for the band Connections. Philip is active in the arts community where he has helped manage events and artistic projects. His interests include: writing, social justice, popular culture, politics, and humans.
You can check out Phil’s band, Connections, and their new critically acclaimed album, Midnight Run, on spotify.


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