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New Owners of Columbus Castings Promise to Redevelop

New Owners of Columbus Castings Promise to Redevelop

614now Staff

Earlier this week we wrote about the new owners of Columbus Castings (Formerly Buckeye Steel) and how they did not plan to reopen the facility, permanently putting out of work nearly 700 people.

The Reich Brothers purchased the facility and acreage for $30M. According to a report from WOSU, co-CEO Jonathan Reich told WOSU that he isn’t sure what will become of the Columbus Castings site.

The tentative plan is clean the site and redevelop it for mixed use (industry, retail or both.) Reich has specifically noted that whatever happens, the site will be better for the environment.

“As it’s been pointed out to us, a number of neighbors who have been very disturbed over the years by the environmental impact,” says Reich.

Reich is cognisant of the job loss after the purchase of the facility. The plan is to potentially hire some of the laid off employees to help with the cleanup process, there is also in works a job fair to help the transition of laid off workers to move to new companies.



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