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Taste Profile: Kathy and Sophia, @kasuallife

Taste Profile: Kathy and Sophia, @kasuallife


In Columbus, it’s not just the chefs and cocktail artists and writers pushing our palates forward, it’s the everyday folks, who via social media are leaving a trail of crumbs for the rest of us to follow. Taste Profile, a new monthly feature in (614) will introduce you to the local handles giving you the low-down on what’s good in the capital city.

What’s the last great dish that you had?

Hai Poké bowl

Last great dish you cooked?

Bun Bo Hue (Vietnamese spicy beef noodle soup)

What drives you to be a tastemaker in Cbus?

Food makes us happy and it’s a great way to open up to other cultures. Columbus has so many different neighborhoods that offer different restaurants. Food brings people together and offers opportunities to explore the city. We love seeing what people like to eat via Instagram and we enjoy supporting the restaurants we frequent. It’s a win-win situation!

What is the most significant way food & drink has changed the Columbus food scene in the last 5 years?

People in Columbus have really shown their enthusiasm for food, especially via social media. Food has driven the community together. A photo of a new spot or dish on social media influences others to try it! Columbus has also been a great location for corporate businesses and we think restaurateurs are seeing the potential to open up their businesses here.  There are so many new craft breweries, coffee shops, taco shops, ramen shops, bakeries … it’s not just about quantity any more—people are looking for quality, taste, and atmosphere.

Favorite IG filter: When it comes to food, our goal is to share dishes as they are in reality. By avoiding filters, we make sure we showcase what the food actually looks like. Three basic things to enhance a photo: ideal lighting, increased highlights, and bumped up exposure.

Least favorite style of IG food photo: It’s all about the quality of the photo. If it doesn’t represent the dish/drink well, then we don’t post it.

Perfect night on the town from pre-meal cocktail, to dinner, to nightcap: Happy hour cocktails at Forno. Brassica for a casual and delicious dinner. Denmark on High for drinks.

One Cbus celebrity you want to break bread with: Jeni Britton Bauer. Hands down.

Describe Columbus’s taste in a six-word sentence: Columbus’s taste is flavorful, diverse, growing.


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