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Fit614: Wanna try a new type of bar?

614now Staff



By Kaitlin Perfect

There’s a hot new bar that has taken Columbus by pedal…

CycleBar is described as “Premium Indoor Cycling” and when they refer to themselves as “premium” they are giving you everything you want and more.

I scheduled my Saturday morning 9am cycling class a week ahead of time and when the day arrived, I was dreading waking up to go workout. Why in the world would I schedule a workout on Saturday morning?!

After dragging myself out of bed and heading to CycleBar in Powell, I became instantly awake when I walked through the doors. The girl at the front desk was super friendly. She helped me check in, find where my bike would be, and get a complimentary water bottle. She even gave me special cycling shoes to wear during class — this was new for me because the other times I’ve done cycling I’ve never had to wear these.

Being in class at CycleBar is like a completely different world. I jammed out to OSU Football themed music while experiencing different speeds, hills, and strength exercises. This class left me sweaty, energized, and ready to take on the rest of the day!

If you love cycling and haven’t had a chance to check out CycleBar then I definitely recommend it. Your first class is FREE! If one class isn’t enough for you, enter below to win a free month of unlimited cycling!

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Health & Fitness

Twerk it! Studio Rouge combines dance and exercise for booty-lifting benefits




Studio Rouge in Grandview isn’t your average fitness studio. Here you’ll find classes in pole dancing, aerial fitness, and exotic dancing—including the aptly-named “Twerkout” class. And it’s not just for those who want to be on stage.

The butt-lifting Twerkout class doubles as both sensuality and body positivity lessons for all. Taught by Tracy Ruby, she prides herself on being aptly coined “twerk technician,” having taken lap dance and pole dance classes at Studio Rouge before becoming a regular instructor.

“It’s so much fun to see other people who come in, not sure what’s going to happen, and find that they can do it,” Ruby says. “The idea behind Twerkout is to take ‘twerk’ and make it a workout—to give people a new dance environment where they can come and they can learn new skills. [They can] take those home or to the club or wherever they want to do their new booty-poppin’ moves.”

Photos: Stef Streb

Ruby first assesses the physical needs and limitations of the class, combining twerk moves with traditional exercises as a mash-up with the ideal butt lift.

“If you go through Instagram, you can plug in ‘twerk’ and see all these different people coming up with different moves that work really well for their bodies, but during Twerkout, there are certain moves that’ll work for one person that won’t work for another,” she says. “Our booties are all shaped differently; our bodies all work differently. When you see people on Instagram, they’ve found all these moves, put them together, and they got their booties to twerk in these magnetical, amazing ways.”

While visitors may scroll through Instagram before class to get a gauge of what they can expect from Twerkout, Ruby insists upon using repetition in areas where guests may feel they’re lacking. “You build natural muscles with, for instance, twerk, where you’re working specific calisthenics to enhance your sense of your motions,” she says. “It’s healthier. I mean you’re building your muscles. You’re not just implanting new material. We do a lot of squats in class, because that’s where you’re going to help get your leg joints, back joints and muscles in these areas to be more responsive and stronger.”

As Ruby encourages doing squats outside of Twerkout, she also stresses the importance of proper form with an extensive warm-up to match. “We do quite a bit of warming up of the spine so that your back is ready for all that we’re going to ask of it. Then we’ll go into some twerk drills, which is where the workout kind of kicks up and we’ll have some traditional exercises along with learning new twerk skills,” she says. “We will go through some core moves for twerk, that are specifically for a twerk and then we’ll start putting together some choreography […] based on those core moves, maybe adding in some new ones. Once we have our choreography built, we will run through it a few times so that you’ve got something to take with you, and then there’s a cool-down period.”

Twerkout guests may struggle during a session, but Ruby firmly assures that she won’t let her class fail. “Say one move is not working for you in class. If it’s not working for you there, keep working on it. It may just never be your move, you may not care for it. That’s fine. That happens in all kinds of classes,” she says. “Burpees, for example, [are] not everybody’s favorite. Some people are good at them and love them. Other people do not, but you can keep working at it, get better and eventually master these skills.”

Ruby indulges in plain yogurt and granola as a protein-oriented go-to snack following a session of Twerkout, and she encourages her class to enjoy any food that nourishes and energizes their bodies, er, booties. Following this downtime, she looks forward to amping her class back into gear.

“There is never a moment where I’m not encouraging you. Everybody has a moment every day when they wanna give up. My job as the instructor is to help motivate that person and everyone else to keep moving, just keep going. The studio itself is built around self-love and finding ways that you appreciate your own body and can share that with yourself and others,” she says. “Come in and see what it’s about! It’s an hour, okay? So you’re not going to spend five hours with me doing something you don’t like, and I promise you’ll have fun.”

Find out more about classes at Studio Rouge in Grandview at

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Health & Fitness

Truth or Trend: Throw out my mayonnaise?!

Becca Kirian RD, LD, CNSC



Mayonnaise: a staple in many dishes, especially in the Midwest. This creamy dressing is an emulsion made from oil, egg yolks, an acid like vinegar or lemon juice, and flavored with seasonings.

By definition, anything labeled mayonnaise must contain at least 65% vegetable oil by weight, making it a higher fat food. And with higher fat foods, moderation is something that should be considered, especially for those watching their calories. Click here to learn more

Avocados are also a higher fat food, but when comparing the two, there are significant nutritional differences.

Mayonnaise overall is higher in fat, saturated fat, and sodium—all of which are over-consumed nutrients in America. Avocados, on the other hand, are lower in total fat, saturated fat, and sodium and contain fiber.

That being said, avocados could be a great swap for mayonnaise in terms of nutrition, but that does not mean you should toss all your mayo! Mayonnaise is still a source of calories, just one that needs to be consumed sparingly. What's more, no one would be going back for seconds if you swapped mayo for avocados in your crowd-pleasing potato salad!

Take-Away: Both are sources of fat, though avocados do have some nutritional benefits compared to mayonnaise. Use portion control with both and find places where the swap meets your nutrition needs and tastes expectations.

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Health & Fitness

Truth or Trend: Do lemons help with digestion?

Becca Kirian RD, LD, CNSC



Lemons have been used for years in cooking to add acidity to foods, but is there actually a health benefit to using lemons in your food regularly? According to this social media post below, yes. The post alleges that lemons are a key to improving digestion due to their pH.

But, let’s stop there and explore whether or not there's any truth to this claim.

First of all, yes, lemons are acidic and have a low pH, and our gastric fluids or stomach acid is also acidic with a normal pH range being 1.5-3.5. So, lemons and our gastric juices do have similar pHs, and the acidity of stomach acid is vital for correct digestion processes. Thus, one might think lemons would be great to eat every day to keep our stomach acidic and digestion flowing,

However, it’s not common for stomach acid to get out of normal range. Our bodies have a strong capability to maintain homeostasis, meaning if things get outside “normal” levels, our bodies will try to correct it from within. If your stomach acid is not in the normal range, that could be indicative of other health conditions that lemons may not be able to cure.

Take-Away: Continue to use lemons in your foods for acidity, flavor, and color, or if you really enjoy eating them—they do count as a serving of fruit! But, there is no need to force yourself to add more lemons to your diet for digestive purposes. Our bodies work hard to keep us stable, and if your gastric juices are out of range, visiting your doctor is the only thing that will help.

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