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Hot takes from iPhone reveal bonanza

Hot takes from iPhone reveal bonanza

614now Staff

Anything Apple does pretty much eclipses anything else in the news so here we are, throwing our hat into the ring.

Here’s what you need to know before putting these new gadgets on layaway:

  • The big shot–the iPhone X (pronounced like the number 10)
    • No home button
    • Edge-to-edge screen
    • Facial recognition
    • $999
    • wirelessly charges
  • iPhone 8
    • two sizes
    • upgraded speaker
    • upgraded camera
    • wirelessly charges

Here’s a look at the new vertical camera on the phones:

These phones will also be capable of capturing your facial movements and casting them onto an animated create in real time (they took away the headphone jack and gave us this?!)

  • Apple Watch
    • Built in cellular service (same number as your iPhone)
    • More fitness features
    • $329- $399
  • Apple TV
    • “4K” resolution
    • HDR
    • $179



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