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In Pursuit: Best-dressed music series in Short North

In Pursuit: Best-dressed music series in Short North

614now Staff

If you’ve never slugged a PBR and watched live music while standing next to a whole rack of wedding tuxes, Pursuit has your fix. Located at 937 N High St. the Short North’s own quaint suit shop hosts In Pursuit, a live music series to give their stage up to the very people who walk through their doors for new duds. They bring in Ohio native musicians, gussy them up in their finest threads, turn the volume up to 11, and then cut them loose on the front window stage.

The best part is, it’s all FREE!

Maybe you’ve happened passed Pursuit during a show and never even realized it. Picture this: You’re out galavanting in the Short North on a Saturday evening and you pass by Pursuit. You see the backs of some handsomely-dressed mannequins in the front window. It’s odd though because they’re singing and dancing. Those mannequins were the likes of Doc Robinson, the boys of Caamp (pictured left), and Correy Parks.

The mannequin in the store window this Saturday will be Sarob. Born Robert Tate III, Sarob is rooted in neo-soul and R&B.

The standout lyricist was featured in (614) Magazine’s Class of 2017 June Issue.

“Through Sarob’s words, you can glean that he is a passionate and keen observer of the world around him and he makes tasteful reference to other artists he admires. The musicality is extremely lush and well-crafted for someone who came into their self-awareness as a musician as he put it, “late in the game.” He sings, too, with a voice pure and unadulterated—it’s just him and you can tell it’s him…” Read more.

RSVP to Sarob: In Pursuit here. Just don’t spill on the merchandise, okay?



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