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Ride operators and inspectors not to blame for State Fair death

Ride operators and inspectors not to blame for State Fair death

614now Staff

Fingers are being passively pointed at the ride manufacturer of the Fire Ball for the death of one teenager and the injuries of several others at the Ohio State Fair.

Amusements of America, the traveling carnival company who bought the ride from KMG manufacturing years ago, released a statement saying the tragedy at the State Fair stemmed from a problem with the specific ride, not with the ride operator or inspector.

NBC4i reported that this statement was released by AOA Sunday afternoon when most of the State Fair rides reopened:

“The decision to shut down similar rides around the world and reopen the Ohio midway indicates that this is an issue with a specific ride and not the ride operator or inspectors.¬†There is no evidence that operator error played a role in the accident. We continue to keep those affected by this tragic accident in our prayers and work cooperatively with the ongoing investigation.”

After the ride malfunction on Wednesday, KMG ordered all operations of Fire Ball rides to cease. There are 11 of these type of rides in the U.S., 43 overall.




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