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250 Wendy’s Protesters Soaked in Sunday Downpour

250 Wendy’s Protesters Soaked in Sunday Downpour

614now Staff

Nearly 250 protestors at Goodale Park were soaked in last night’s rain, which included a Tornado warning.

The Coalition of Immokalee Workers was marching in an effort to put pressure on Wendy’s so they join a list of giant food companies that have adopted a set of particular worker-protection standards.

Gathering at the southeastern corner of Goodale Park, they carried signs demanding justice for farm workers and calling on a total boycott of Wendy’s until it signed the pledge.

The activists are part of a 12-city national tour according to The Dispatch and came to Columbus to confront Wendy’s and to support 19 Ohio State students and recent graduates who spent the week fasting.

The coalition’s program, which has been signed by Burger King, McDonald’s, Yum Brands (Taco Bell), Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s and Wal-Mart has been praised by the United Nations, The Washington Post, The NYT, and PBS.



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