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7 High Street blocks, 2 BBQ joints

7 High Street blocks, 2 BBQ joints

614now Staff

Smoked on High had a two month head start on serving tender, juicy, saucey meats to the German Village community at 755 South High Street. But now, they’ve got themselves a contender.

Just up the road, Legacy Smokehouse has popped up a temporary restaurant at 1102 South High Street in the forgotten-about Long John Silver’s parking lot. They specialize in Texas-style BBQ and classic sides like mac & cheese, cole slaw, and bread pudding.


Columbus Navigator reports that the restaurant will be serving out of that location for the next three months, no word on where they will relocate after. Legacy opens their market at 11am on Saturdays and Sundays and closes once things sell out and from the looks of their Facebook page, it doesn’t take a whole lot of time for that to happen.

The two BBQ joints are only a 1 minute drive or a 10 minute walk from each other. Too close for comfort or perfect for a double dinner?



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